Flagship and Small Batch Vodkas

The concept of terroir in vodka remains contentious, as the distillation process usually strips away many regional characteristics of the spirit, in doing so emphasizing purity and neutrality. That is what we've come to know about vodka. That by definition, it should be flavourless and odorless. While both of those descriptors are certainly challenging to describe in nearly all vodka, it goes without saying that flavour and odor are never that far away when vodka is at hand. 

What we can tell you is that Ontario corn is what produces our base spirit, and our 30-plate hybrid pot still workhorse graces us with an exceptional vodka tasting experience that continues to challenge and surprise the most discerning of vodka and martini lovers. In fact, we hope that you'll take the time to test our vodka against any other blind-and when you do, share your experience! 

It goes without saying that Latitude 42 Vodka is the perfect vessel for an infinite number of flavours and infusions. We created Julius Vodka to perfectly compliment Canada's favourite drink-the Caesar with distiller planted and nurtured dill, peppers and garlic. And every Fall we embrace the sweet but crisp aroma of peppermint as we batch and release our now almost iconic Peppermint White Chocolate Vodka. Whatever the season, whatever the reason, there's a vodka for that!

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