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Paradigm Spirits Co. was created by passionate craft spirit entrepreneurs with a vision to build a distillery within a fabulous destination location. We found our home at 100 Kellogg Lane in London, Ontario.

We produce quality spirits showcasing the bounties of our region and people, by blending age old tradition with new flavours and methods.

The Distillery & Spirits: COMING SOON

Gin, vodka, rum and whisky for cocktail lovers and discerning sippers. Seasonal spirits with unique flavour profiles.  A new paradigm in distilling alongside a complimentary lineup of innovative bitters to create the classics -only better, and new creations for the modern cocktail drinker.

Cocktail Classes



Lively and interactive, our cocktail classes are designed to insight participants about the art of creating cocktails, the use of bar tools, and classic ingredients like bitters and tonics. 

Participants work in pairs to create beautiful cocktails that they can easily recreate at home to impress friends and family. 

Tailor Made

Choose from of our pre-designed classes to suit novices and enthusiasts alike or have us create something perfect for your audience:

  • Cocktail Classics
  • The Bitter Influence
  • Seasonal Cocktails
  • Nouveau Cocktails
  • Tikki Culture
  • Martini Madness
  • Delightful Daquiris
  • Old Fashioned? Never!


We come to you. We'll make sure every aspect from seating to food pairings is covered. We'll setup and tear down at the end. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the event with your guests.

Testimonials from our customers:

"So much fun! Not like most team building events. I learned a lot and impress my friends when I make these cocktails at home!" 

~K. Taylor

"I had no idea about bitters, but do they ever play a big part in making great cocktails. Thanks Paradigm-I'm a pro now!" 

~D. Emerson

"They did all the work. All I had to do was show up and have fun-and I certainly did! Can't wait to host another workshop with my friends."

~M. Nelson

Spirit Tastings

Our Experts

We are spirit authorities. From Whisky Ambassadors to Bourbon Stewards, we bring years of experience and certifications to the table. The best part: We aren't pretentious. We love what we do, and we endeavour to share our passion!  

Learn about whisky varieties from around the world, fabulous gins, tequila or rum. The options are endless. Let us know what you are interested in. We'll bring an impeccable lineup to the table.

Sample Tastings

  • Scotch by Region
  • Whiskies Around the World
  • Rare and Elusive Finds for Masters
  • The Blind Peat
  • Tequilas of Jalisco
  • Bourbon Bounties
  • Today's Rums

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