Cocktail Bitters = Made By Us!

Cocktail Bitters = Made By Us!


Paradigm bitters redefine the art of enhancing cocktail flavors with a balanced fusion of botanicals and spices. Each bottle embodies a harmonious blend of bitter, sweet, and aromatic notes, offering a diverse range that amplifies mixology to new dimensions.

Bartenders and enthusiasts appreciate these bitters for their ability to transform drinks, adding layers of sophistication and enriching the overall drinking experience. Chefs use them in salad dressings, marinates, sauces, soups and even over ice cream. The possibilities are endless. 

Our bitters are all named according to their flavour profiles, but we've numbered them too, so all you have to do is remember which number you're after. With a great range of flavours to keep you crafting endless creations, our bitters turn every cocktail into a canvas for innovation and taste exploration, setting a new standard in the world of imbibing.

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