Chapter 1: Wheated Whisky
Chapter 1: Wheated Whisky
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Chapter 1: Wheated Whisky

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Discover Chapter 1: Wheated


An extraordinary addition to the world of Canadian whisky, this extremely limited-edition release reimagines the possibilities of our beloved spirit. Our dedication to innovation is on full display as we celebrate bountiful wheat harvests, unlocking some of the unique and unexpected flavors in this exceptional whisky.

Crafted with precision, Chapter 1: Wheated is a purposeful blend of column-distilled wheat and corn, aged in once-used bourbon barrels for 4 to 10 years. The result is a whisky with a captivating light golden hue, a true reflection of its wheat heritage. Excite your senses with its enticing aromas of sweet honey and fresh melon, followed by a palate that reveals notes of buttered popcorn and creamed wheat cereal. All of this is elegantly delivered in a medium-bodied embrace, leading to a subtle and satisfying finish that lingers just long enough to leave a lasting impression.

Toast to limitless possibilities and redefine your whisky experience.

Cheers to Chapter 1: Wheated—a masterpiece that demands a place in your collection. 


45% Alc./Vol.

Awards & Accolades

Judges Tasting Notes:
Fragrant with lemon and sweet corn on the nose leads to lovely honey wheat flavors. Playful and intriguing.



Customer Reviews

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Just got this!

Was sent a bottle by a friend. I didn't get to try your 4grain before it was sold out. This is excellent whisky. I have had your 2020 CS bottle. By comparison it is completely different. Much more delicate and approachable than the (superb) CS 19yr which is really made for those who have a very well-developed palate. I've been trying to introduce my wife to whisky. I chose bourbon to get her started because I feel it is so approachable and for the most part really sweet and caramel like. This whisky is similar in profile to many wheated bourbons-but wheatier?! I'm not sure that's a word but that's how I'd describe it. Alot of whiskies have wheat. This one really lets the wheat shine! Fruity, sweet, easy to enjoy. You guys are making interesting products on the whisky spectrum. Looking forward to making a winter Old Fashioned with this for my wife tonight.

Wheated is DELICIOUS

Paradigm-this is a beautiful little whisky! So different than your others (which were all amazing in their own way!). This is really enjoyable before dinner and also makes AMAZING cocktails.

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